Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat pumps are usually used to cool and heat homes. But did you know, heat pumps can also be used to heat and warm your water?! Yes, it can work as a water heater, heating and cooling system for your home or space!

Heat pump water heaters absorb the warmth coming from the air then transferring the heat to a water, resulting into warm or hot water. They are also known as air-source heat pumps operated by electricity. This type of hot water heater is very popular because it is very efficient and recycles the heat from the air and transfers it to the water.

Because of this, a lot of people go for heat pump water heaters. However, they are not for everyone.

How does Heat Pump water heater work

Heat pump water heaters’ work just like a refrigerator. A refrigerator has a refrigerant which blows cool air into the refrigerator and blows hot air outside the appliance. However, with the heat pump water heater, instead of releasing the air outside, the refrigerant takes the hot air then transfers the heat into the water making it more efficient.


The heat pump takes heat from other sources — in this case from the air — by compressing and expanding the refrigerant, heat is transferred into another, the water. A condenser coil inside the water system is what helps the heat transfer. If you are worried about hot water when there is high demand inside your home. For example, when all your family members are taking a shower at the same time. There is a backup electric heating element to help keep up with the demand. 

The benefits of installing Heat Pump Water Heater

Highly energy efficient

HPWH is very efficient. Rather than generating heat continuously to heat water, it recycles the heat in the air then transferring it to the water. Compared to other types of water heaters, heat pump water heaters are 3 times more energy efficient.

Increase safety

Heat pumps are way safe compared to other water heaters. Because it uses electricity to transfer heat from the air to the water and doesn’t need any fuel or gas to heat the water making it safer.

BIG savings

HPWHs are energy efficient, hence, running cost is lower. In addition, it only requires little to no maintenance. You can check your unit yourself once a year. Thorough maintenance and checking by professionals can be done every 3 to 5 years. This is enough to ensure your heat pump is working perfectly. 

However, if your heat pump water heaters don’t produce hot water, it is best to call the professionals and have them look at your unit.

Climate and environmentally friendly

HPWH reduces your water heating carbon emissions compared to your natural gas water heating options. 

Studies show nearly every household in California has their own water heating systems in their home. Majority of them use gas as the main source of heating. A lot of officials aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decreasing sources of fossil fuels. They found out that a heat pump water heater is a great option to help achieve their goal.

HPWH is four times more efficient compared to your traditional gas or electric water heaters.

Long lifespan

A well maintained heat pump water heater can last from 14 to 15 years and some can even last upto 50 years. Keep in mind, just like any other appliance, the life expectancy of HPWH depends on how well it is maintained and how you look after your unit.

The cost of purchasing and installation

The cost for purchasing a HPWH depends on the brand and features of the unit you want to get. The price range can vary from $1000 up to $5000. I highly recommend looking at various units then comparing each of its features and prices. In addition, check the warranties of each one.

When it comes to residential heat pump water heater’s installation, the cost depends. It ranges from $500 to $1000. Don’t let just anyone install the unit for you. Remember, you spend a lot of money buying the unit, it will be a waste if it is not properly installed. 

I highly suggest hiring a professional and experienced installer so you can rest assured it is properly installed and you won’t encounter problems in the future. And don’t forget to ask for references. This can help a lot.

What is the right water heater system for your home?

Spending a lot of money to purchase a heat pump water heater is no joke. It is necessary to pair your unit with the right equipment to optimize and increase the performance of your HPWH. Here are a few tips for you to increase the performance of your heat pump water heater:

Ask a professional

Don’t hesitate to ask a professional contractor or builder on how you can make sure your unit works perfectly. Before buying the unit and the installation, ask an expert, let them know the needs of your household and where it is best to be installed.

Proper installation

If your unit is not properly installed, you won’t be able to enjoy all the perks of having a highly efficient heat pump water heater. Remember, the installation can greatly affect the efficiency and performance of the unit, positively or negatively.

Always hire professionals to handle the installation of your heat pump water heater.

Maintain the unit

The maintenance is as important as the installation itself. If your unit is not properly maintained, some dust or worst leaking can happen affecting the performance of your unit. Plus, proper maintenance can decrease the chances of any future problems and damages on your unit.

FortisBC rebates

To qualify for the FortisBC rebates for your energy-efficient heat pump water heater, your current unit should be a standard electric storage tank model. Or if you are planning to replace your old one with a new and more efficient unit, you can visit FortisBC’s partner CleanBC.

Before you apply for rebates in FortisBC it is best to check for eligibility. Here are the following requirements:

  1. You must be a FortisBC customer with an existing natural gas account or a residential FortisBC or municipality electricity account.
  2. The home should be a primary residence for at least a year old.
  3. Applications can only be sent within 6 months after the paid invoice date.
  4. Heat pump water heater should be installed by a licensed contraction with a valid GST number and valid B.C. business license. 
  5. If you are replacing your existing HPWH, it must be a standard electric storage tank in a good working condition.