Jan B.

By the way just want to acknowledge all your running around trying to appease the Strata.
You are a hard working, committed professional who goes that extra mile for the benefit of the client.  Thank you Stephen.

Elaina M.

Stephen is true to his word.  He came out last night and quickly diagnosed the problem with our furnace.  And he came back first thing this morning with a part.  We have heat for Christmas!!  Thanks Stephen!, it was December last yr . Thank you

Lorraine K.

I had the best experience from the plumber I hired recently to fix my clogged sink. I checked out a few plumbers and  their reviews online which were mostly negative (not a good sign) and after talking to different companies I decided to go with “MID CITY PLUMBERS”. Stephen Bennett and his son in training were amazing. First they are the kind of trades person you would want to come and work in your home. Professional. reliable, clean and honest with no BS. and with decades of experience.

Most plumbers I looked at charged a minimum of $85 for the first hour and the same for subsequent time after that. Xpert Mechanical (Coop recommendation) charged $127.50 for the first hour and then $85 for the next hour. Much more expensive and their reviews on line were more negative than positive.

Mid City Plumbers had glowing reviews and charged a flat rate of $150 for their work with no hidden expenses like paying extra for travel time and other hidden costs that are landed on you after you have committed yourself to their work and when you get the final invoice it’s higher than the original quote. I know I don’t like being surprised with extra costs and Mid City talked the talk and walked the walk honoring their original quote.

Stephen had an admiral and strong work ethic and it showed in his quality work. I can with much confidence  highly recommend Mid City if you want quality work, happy people who love their work , who are very personable and all in all it was a unexpected pleasant experience.

Eva J.

I am not a frequent contributor – my comments are limited to be very bad or the very good and in this case it is the latter. On the veterans day weekend I was faced with a leaking gas water tank. The calls that I made from some of the listings I found on craiglist and yelp met with either no response or those that did respond, quoted an exorbitant price to reflect the premium holiday rate.

I was very fortunate when looking to find Midcity Plumbers who responded giving a quote that was equivalent to the no GST weekend sale at Lowes, who said would be a 2-week wait for their installer. I was wanting to wait to ensure I was getting work from a company who stood behind their work but then I was advised that gas fitting was not rocket science as long as the plumber was certified.  When Stephen arrived he showed me his certificate to put me at rest. It was a very wet day but Stephen and his assistant, who incidentally is his wife, was cheerful from start to finish, hauling old and new tanks a certain distance in the rain.

The most impressive thing about Stephen was his work ethics. He was methodical, efficient, meticulous, knowledgeable about his trade and city codes – in summary he was the antithesis of a sloppy worker – closer to a perfectionist. My old Rheem tank was a old model. The new replacement needed new fittings. He dealt with the re-fittings in a most efficient way, getting down to the nitty gritty – ensuring pipes were properly re-fitted and soldering was properly done. The only slight improvement I could have asked for and any potential customer could and should ask for, is, a quote at the beginning of the job for a cost of the “extras”. I was under the belief that getting another Rheem would not require new fittings. However in my case the cost was minimal but in another job it may be considerably higher – so it would be best to check out with him first.

I strongly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for an efficient, cheerful gas fitter. He will give you the most reasonable price for the best job you can get. Don’t distress like I did, fearing two weeks of cold showers or cold from a broken furnace. My sacrifice of time in writing this is a token of my appreciation – thank you.

David M

MidCity Plumbers is outstanding. After a different company sent two different technicians over three or four visits and Failed to find the problem, Steven from MidCity Plumbers not only correctly diagnosed the problem over the phone, but indicated which furnace component was causing the problem. A quick search on the net yielded a simple no-risk fix, which I implemented without a problem and presto, problem fixed! This saved me a lot of time and money. I know who will be getting my next furnace service call.