Surface Drainage

Surface drainage systems are parallel patterns dug in shallow ditches to create canals for runoff. Runoff is excess water that flows across a surface that is unable to absorb any more liquid. The type of runoff in this case is caused by rain and can cause water damage to residences if there is not a proper surface drainage system in place. 

The shallow ditches lead the water away from the property or into a main drain to prevent water pooling or flooding. Without a surface drainage system on a flat surface, water pooling and flooding can occur. Damage to lawns, grass, gardens and trees can lead to rotting. This is especially important for areas on the west coast, such as Vancouver, that experience high precipitation.

MidCity Plumbers offers professional installations, repairs and maintenance of drainage systems. We deliver reliable plumbing solutions to the local community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a focus on safety as our priority, we assess and identify the requirements of each property and build a detailed plan.