Subsurface (French) Drainage

A subsurface drainage, also known as a French drain, is a drainage system placed below the top layer of soil. It is used to drain excess water at the root level that has become waterlogged. Roots that sit in water for long periods of time will eventually lead to decay. If soil is constantly wet, there are not enough air pockets for the roots to breathe and will result in stunted growth or rotting. A French drain also prevents groundwater from collecting under a residential or commercial space, which can cause foundation and corrosion issues.  

Deep ditches are required to be dug for a perforated pipe to be installed on a flat surface to drain water away. First, the ditches need to be dug to slope away from the residence and then the underground pipes can be installed. Gravel is a porous material used to fill the ditch before the ditch is covered. In addition, a large collector drain must be installed to collect water from the underground pipes. 

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