Garburator – Sink Garbage Disposal Service

Are you looking for a convenient way to deal with soft food waste? A garburator is what you need. This relatively small investment will save you time and hassle after every meal. Using a sink garbage disposal has many advantages:

  • \Convenience
  • \Quick and Easy to Use
  • \Less Trash
  • \Affordable
  • \Sanitary
  • \Easy to install

Luckily for you, the experts here at MidCity Plumbers offer garburator install or repair for your home or business. Make sure you take care of your sink garbage disposal needs today. Call us and let us get it started for you!

Use MidCity Plumbers for Your Sink Garbage Disposal Service

MidCity Plumbers is a trusted name in the industry. Our wealth of expertise spreads over many disciplines, as evident by our trade credentials. Rest assured, your sink garburator needs are safe with us.

Fair Price

Our mission is to make your decisions more straightforward, so our services stick to affordable rates. We offer competitive prices that fit your budget the first time. That way, we can get started right away and as efficiently as possible. No hassle with the price; you get what you’re paying.

Experienced Staff

MidCity Plumbers consist of individuals with 30+ years in the industry. Our wide array of credentials makes no job too big or too small. Whether you wish for a home or business garburator install or repair, you can trust us with your needs.

Fast and Reliable

At MidCity Plumbers, we pride ourselves on our fast, reliable service. Our emergency services are ready for you 24 hours a day. If not, you can schedule appointments when you feel it’s time. Your sink garbage disposal may seem discouraging to fix, but we will put your worries to rest.

Our Sink Garbage Disposal Services

MidCity Plumbers can do garburator repair or installation to get it working in no time at all. In some cases, the best option is to replace it altogether. Breakdown or failure is inevitable with the continuous use of your sink garburator. We can help assess the damage and determine the right course of action that makes the most sense.

Here are some signs that you might be overdue for a garburator repair or replacement:

  • ROlder than 5 years
  • RCan’t use it as often
  • RIt’s leaking
  • RSevere blockages
  • RDeveloping odours too quickly
  • RClogs up too often

Trying to repair your sink garbage disposal yourself can worsen the situation and cause damage, which often leads to more headaches and money. Our service is there for you when you need it most, so give us a call!


Our professionals are equipped to install all makes and models of garburators. We get it right the first time – no leaks, no surprises. There are two main types of sink garbage disposals:

  • Continuous Feed: You operate these models by flipping a wall or accessory switch. Rubber shields and baffles help to keep food in the unit and make the disposal run more quietly.
  • Batch Feed: The disposal lid must be engaged and the disposal covered for these to operate. Although it takes a little longer to set up, these are perfect for homes with children or those who prefer extra safety.

If you’re wondering what type of sink garburator you have, let us take a look at the make and model. We will also reconfigure your plumbing to accommodate your new sink garbage disposal if necessary!

sink garbage disposal


If you’ve tried everything and can’t seem to understand what’s going on with your garburator, look to us for a repair. Here are some common issues that your sink garburator might be experiencing:

  • The garburator doesn’t grind properly but you can hear the motor
  • Grinding noises are unusually loud
  • The sink garburator shuts off during a run
  • You find leaks
  • Water sits in the sink

If you’re experiencing these common signs or anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to call.


Suppose your sink garbage disposal isn’t quite living up to the task, or you’re continuously shelling money for your garburator repair. In that case, it’s time that you look for a replacement. Let us handle your sink garburator replacement with less hassle. We will also take care of the disposal of your outdated garburator.

sink garbage disposal

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