Air Conditioning Repair Services

There are many types of air conditioners available to homeowners and businesses that work in many different ways. However, all of them provide cool comfort in the hot summer months. No matter what type of A/C system you have, whether it is a ductless system, a heat pump or central air, MidCity Plumbers has a team of capable certified HVAC experts that will make sure your system keeps you cool throughout the summer.

Maintenance & Repairs

Air conditioners of all types require a significant amount of energy to keep them running during the hot months of summer. Due to this fact, it is important that you ensure that your system, no matter how old or new it may be, runs smoothly and efficiently. This will not only keep you cool, and keep your energy bills from rising in the summer, it will also go a long way towards reducing your the environmental impact of your business or home, which helps everyone in the long run.

MidCity can provide you with comprehensive maintenance services at affordable rates throughout the year to ensure that your A/C unit continues to run at peak efficiency. If a problem ever does occur, we offer 24/7 emergency repairs to both residential and commercial customers throughout Vancouver and the surrounding area. So you won’t have to bear with the heat for too long!

Ductless Mini Splits

Although this type of A/C unit is not as common as a central air unit, it still does a great job keeping even large spaces cool in the summer. A ductless mini split system doesn’t require any duct system to circulate cool air. It operates using an indoor and outdoor component that converts warm air from the outside into cool air that is circulated using a fan attached to the interior component. In some instances, issues can occur when the unit’s compressor coil or evaporator coil fails to properly function, essentially leaving you with a fan inside your wall that simply moves hot air from the outside into your home without cooling it.

Whether you encounter this type of issue, or one that is less common to split ductless systems, the experts at MidCity Plumbers will be more than prepared to provide you with a fast and reliable solution, so you can get back to enjoying the cool comfort indoors.

Heat Pumps

By reversing the flow of warm air either in or out of your house or commercial property, a heat pump can keep you both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These A/C systems come in a number of sizes and capacities, but all of them function similarly. As a result, it is easy to provide lasting repairs as long as you hire an expert to handle the job.

MidCity Plumbers have been providing quality heat pump repairs year round to residents in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and we can keep your heat pump running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year with our expert repairs and maintenance services.

Air Conditioning Installation

When the time comes to get a new air conditioner for your home or business, you want to be sure that you are not just getting a good price on the unit itself, but that you are also having it installed by a reliable team of experts. This will help you remain within your budget, and will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you are unlikely to encounter problems with your air conditioner any time soon.

MidCity Plumbers offers a wide selection of quality A/C units at highly competitive prices, along with expert installation services that will ensure your new A/C unit continues to function without any issues. To take a look at the types of air conditioners we have to offer made by a number of quality brands, or to set up a consultation to help you determine what size and model A/C unit is right for you, be sure to call us today!

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