PEX Pipe

What is a PEX pipe ?

Cross-linked polyethylene, known as PEX, is a flexible plastic material made from medium- or high-density polyethylene used in hot- and cold- water applications in residential or commercial properties. They often come in the colors red, blue, white or gray depending on the application.

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What is a PEX pipe used for ?

PEX pipes and fittings are used in hot- and cold- water systems, potable water distribution systems and high-pressure and heat systems in residential and commercial spaces.

PEX pipes have beneficial properties such as withstanding high temperatures of up to 93°C and resistance to chemicals, corrosion and slow cracks. The flexibility of PEX is used in home-run manifold systems, which uses a single length of PEX for each hot- and cold- water supply fixture, instead of using a large pipe for distribution of water. This method saves both water and energy. In addition to being flexible, PEX is durable, sustainable, and inexpensive, which saves money in the long run. 

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PEX Pipe vs. Copper

Copper and plastic pipes have been widely used in the market for decades. With many options to choose from, how do we decide on the best type of pipe to use? Copper is a traditional option still popular in several plumbing applications. PEX is a flexible plastic pipe popular with use in new homes. Both pipes are flexible, durable, easy to use and have a high temperature tolerance.

The main differences between PEX and copper are cost and installation. PEX is less expensive and can be connected with joints. Whereas copper pipes are more expensive and require soldering, which is recommended to be installed by a professional.

It is not enough to choose plumbing pipes that only get the job done. The importance of deciding on materials that are durable, sustainable and better for the bottom line need to be considered. At MidCity Plumbers, we have knowledgeable plumbers to provide you with an extensive overview of each product and the costs involved. That way, you can make a decision with our recommendation in mind and save time and money in future repairs.

PEX Pipe

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