Gutter Downspout Drainage

Gutters are a part of a drainage system connected to a downspout to guide rainwater away from a property’s roof and foundation. The runoff is diverted to another drainage system to avoid flooding. The gutters are the horizontal piece connected to the vertical piece which is the downspout. Gutter drainage systems are best for areas that receive heavy rainfall, which makes them perfect for the west coast. 

Interior and exterior damage can occur if gutters are not maintained, or the wrong material is used for gutter and downspout installation. Blocked gutters with debris, leaves and twigs can cause leaks and water damage to the property. Water can seep into the house causing wall, ceiling and basement damage, which can quickly become a costly repair. Some metals corrode faster than others. It is best to choose a durable, corrosion resistant and long-lasting material to decrease maintenance costs.

With the proper installation of rain gutter drains, they can last for years and require minimal maintenance. MidCity Plumbers has the gutter downspout drainage solutions you are looking for to avoid water damage and increase the expectancy of your drains. Our team has the experience in determining roof area and slope to design the ideal roof drainage system.