Copper Plumbing Pipe

What is a Copper pipe ?

Copper pipes are a popular and common option for residential and commercial plumbing applications. There are two types of copper pipes: rigid copper and flexible copper. Rigid copper is hard and has three thicknesses—Type K, Type L and Type M—used for the water supply. Flexible copper is soft and malleable, where flexibility is needed. MidCity Plumbers has trained professionals to install plumbing systems

What is a copper pipe used for ?

Copper pipes are the standard in the plumbing industry and have a variety of applications. Copper pipes come in rigid or flexible copper and offer advantages over other materials. The three most common types of copper pipes are Type K, Type L and Type M. They are mainly used in residential and commercial construction. Type K is the thickest and used for water distributions or underground service lines. Type L is the most common type used for interior plumbing, such as drinking water or hot- and cold- systems. Type M is the thinnest and used in domestic water systems or drain-waste-vent (DWV) systems. Flexible copper is soft and commonly used in tight spaces where flexibility is required, such as sink corners. 

Copper piping is ideal to use for hot- and cold- water systems, high-pressure systems and high-heat systems because of its properties. Copper plumbing pipes do not fade or contaminate the water. The material is lightweight, durable and can be easily cut with a hacksaw or copper pipe cutter. The copper pipes need to be soldered with a solder joint. This service requires a professional at MidCity Plumbers with soldering knowledge and experience to install properly. 

PEX Pipe vs. Copper

Copper and plastic pipes are a widely used type of plumbing materials. With many options to choose from, there are many factors to consider for your residential or commercial property.

Copper pipes have various types, each used in different settings such as hot- and cold- water systems, DWV systems and interior plumbing. PEX pipes are mainly used in hot- and cold- water systems, potable water distribution systems and high-pressure and heat systems. The properties of both are durable, flexible and have a high temperature tolerance. The main differences between PEX and copper are installation and cost of material. PEX can easily be connected with joints and is less expensive to purchase. Whereas copper pipes are more expensive to purchase and require soldering by a professional, such as our team at MidCity Plumbers. Our expert plumbers in Burnaby are trained to install, replace, repair and maintain all of your plumbing needs in a worry-free process.

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