How to Prevent Water Damage While You’re Away

How to Prevent Water Damage While You're Away

For people living in and around Vancouver, the winter time is the perfect time to get away for a nice relaxing vacation in a warm destination. Getting away from the hustle of daily life and the cold, unpleasant weather even for a short time is a great way to rest and recharge. That said, the last thing anyone wants to … Read More

Sewage System in Vancouver


Recently, the Province of British Colombia began working towards eliminating sewage overflows by the year 2050 in Vancouver. The Province is looking to replace all of its combined sewer systems with modern separated sewer systems. Well, what does this mean for you? Traditionally sewer systems are what are called “combined sewer systems”. What this means is storm water runoff is … Read More

How Vancouver Rain can Affect your Plumbing


Vancouver is a beautiful city that is surrounded by some of Canada’s most picturesque mountain scenery. Thanks to those mountains however, as well as Vancouver’s proximity to the coast, precipitation is very common throughout the year. In the early spring and fall months in particular, rainfall becomes heavier and more frequent, which can put a strain on the drainage systems … Read More

Before You Call a Plumber: How to Stop a Leaky Pipe


It’s a situation every Vancouver homeowner fears. A pipe in your house has begun to leak. A moment of hesitation could result in irreversible damage to your home and possessions.  Before you call the plumber you need to stop the leak. Don’t worry; MidCity Plumbers is here to walk you through the steps so you can fix a leaky pipe … Read More

Finding Us Online


Mid City Plumbing has proudly provided high quality and reliable plumbing, heating and drain services to home and business owners throughout Vancouver. For years we have helped customers all over Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland with everything from plumbing and drainage repairs to installations for commercial heating units. Our skilled team of friendly and dependable plumbing and … Read More