What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Service

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While some people are not familiar with drain cleaning services, this does not mean that it is not essential. A regular drain cleaning service prevents clogged drains and other plumbing issues at home. But if you have already decided to avail of expert drain cleaning services, are you prepared enough for the process? This article has gathered all you need to know about drain cleaning and what to expect before you contact a professional plumber. 

How much does drain cleaning cost

On average, a drain cleaning service can cost around  $75 to $550 depending on the hourly rates, accessibility, severity, and the number of repairs needed if necessary. Most plumbers offer flat rates on basic drain cleaning service while unclogging severe drains can cost $45 to $150. If you are unsure about the costs, you can contact a team of professional plumbers and ask for an estimation. This way, you won’t be surprised by the cost of drain cleaning that you need to prepare.

What are the advantages of regular drain cleaning

Here are some of the advantages of drain service cleaning that can save you money in the long run. 

  • You won’t have to worry about slow drains and clogged drainage systems 
  • No more unusual noises 
  • Reduces the risk of bacterial and mold growth 
  • Prevents foul odors 
  • Lessens health risks 
  • Reduces the risk of floods and overflows 
  • Encourages longer lifespan of your pipes and drain systems  
  • It cuts down your repair costs 

Digital illustration of drain cleaning service clearing out clogged pipes

What to expect 

Before any drain cleaning service, you need to manage your expectations. So, here are the things we have rounded up on what to expect in a drain cleaning service: 

First contact 

Your first contact with a team of professionals to conduct the drain cleaning service is upon contacting them. If they have bookings or quotations available, make sure you fill it into smooth avail their drain cleaning service.

Run diagnostics

To ensure that the right service for your drainage issues, most plumbers will run diagnostics.  and do not have a bigger problem on your hands, the plumber will perform diagnostic tests. The tests may begin with an inspection of your plumbing fixtures and include an examination of your pipes to determine what causes the blockages or any other issues. It is an important aspect because it helps the plumbers determine which solution works best and what kind of equipment they need.

Prepare for service

Once the source of the issue is determined, it’s time to prepare for the service properly. Cleaning drains dirty work, so your plumber might make some preparations to keep your home clean and a conducive working area. They might wear safety gear, shoe coverings, place down some clothes or take other precautions. They’ll also take out the equipment they need for the job. Depending on the severity of your clog, the preparations also vary. 

Run the drain cleaning system 

It is the main drain cleaning service. However, before the plumber gets to work, they will prepare the working area. It will help prevent your house from becoming messy or damaged in the cleaning process. Other professional plumbers use a motorized auger consisting of a coil essential in removing the debris from your clogged drains. When the motor is on, the coil essentially drills into the mess and breaks apart the blockage.

In some cases, the plumber will use a hydro-jet washer to clear out the pipes and other drainage systems. These machines use water instead of a metal coil in cleaning the drains. To add, water can clear up the debris with the right force and pressure. Make yourself familiar with these basic drain cleaning services so you won’t be surprised by these machines when the day of cleaning arrives. 

Test flow

A team of professional plumbers will also conduct test flows to ensure that the drains are working perfectly well. You can do these test flows by running your faucets until they are sure that your clogs won’t be a problem anymore. The test flows also include observations and inspections of whether the fittings are in the right place after the cleaning service. These plumbers will also explain more about the problem and will tell you how you can prevent such blockages in the future. 


If the plumbing issues are beyond the use of a motorized auger, we bring cameras. There are times when a sewer camera inspection is practical and important in the cleaning process. Sewer camera inspections involve a tiny waterproof video camera mounted on the end of a drain cable or auger. You insert the camera snake into the drain pipes and plumbing system. It will push through the pipeline for the lumbers to have a visual inspection. It is an innovative way of clearing out debris and cleaning your drainage system.

Checking drain pipe with borescope inspection camera for drain cleaning

Where do I find professionals for drain cleaning

It’s also important to set your expectations. Drain cleaning is highly effective but does not solve every plumbing problem. If you have a damaged pipe or trouble with your sewer system, drain cleaning might not be enough. To avoid disappointment, you should be aware that your home could have other plumbing issues. When your plumber does their inspection, they can tell you whether or not other repairs need to be made.

If you are looking for a professional team that offers quality drain service cleaning, MidCity Plumbers is the way to go! Our efficient service includes plumbing and drainage services completely right from the inspection through the final stage. Just contact us today on 📞 (778) 772-8676 and our team of certified plumbing professionals will be right on the way with the proper tools and experience.

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