Quick & Easy Ways to Stop Fall Leaves from Clogging Drain

Cleaning Fall leaves to prevent your drainage system from blockages

It is a common issue to have leaves falling and blocking your drain during the Fall and Winter months. Being proactive in maintaining a clean drainage system during these months will help you in the long run. But why? Is it really that important to make sure your outdoor drainage system is clogged-free? 

Here are the things you need to know about your drainage system and how to effectively remove all those fall leaves blocking it.

The importance of preventing Fall leaves from the blocked drain

Outdoor drains are very important because they drain all the water preventing it from entering your home. When your drain has blockages like Fall leaves, water won’t be able to effectively pass through. Or if there are leaves piled up at the bottom of your drainage system, water will be forced out. Both resulting in flooding which can reach inside your home or business.

We all know the dangers of having indoor flooding like electric shocks and damages on your properties especially your furniture and electronics.

There are a lot of ways to remove and maintain a blockage-free drainage system. Here are a few:

Use wet-dry Vacuum

This is not your ordinary vacuum cleaner you used in cleaning your house. Wet – dry vacuum refers to a device capable of sucking in any debris clogging your drainage like leaves. This device is used for outdoor purposes. They have a strong sucking power and are not ideal for indoor use.

Wet – dry vacuum can pull out those heavy and piled up fall leaves stuck to your drainage system. This device is not cheap, it is very expensive. I highly suggest calling for professional water and drainage services. They will have this wet – dry vacuum and can easily remove all those particles stuck in your drain.

Drain guard installation

Just as the name suggests, it guards your drain from Fall leaves and any solid particles and stops these particles from entering your drainage system. It works as a filtering system just like what we all do on our faucet sink or bathroom drain. 

This device lets water or any liquid pass through the drain but prevents particles at a certain size and shape from passing through. This is a very helpful device because it makes cleaning your drain way easier and faster.

However, you will need to clean it every now and then. Otherwise, it can still cause blockage in your outdoor drainage system.

Drain guard is a very helpful device because it makes cleaning your drain way easier and faster

Drain guard is a very helpful device because it makes cleaning your drain way easier and faster

Inspect your drain system regularly

Cleaning and putting drain guards will be a waste, if you do not check your drainage system regularly.

Inspect your drain at least twice a week. It won’t take too much time. When you walk your dog or water your plants, just check the drain if there are any blockages. This can decrease the chances of you needing to hire professionals to remove all those piled up dirt inside your drainage system.

Prevention is always better, especially when it comes to your drainage. I highly suggest keeping your garden clean and keep all your trash, including the Fall leaves, inside a covered bin. Make sure the cover is a bit heavy and the strong winds will not open it up. This way, even if it rains or when the wind blows, the dried leaves will all be kept inside the bin. Less cleaning for you to do and less things to worry about.

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