Quick & Easy Steps for Replacing A Kitchen Sink Strainer

Replace a kitchen drain strainer

The floor under the sink is wet. Unusual! You turn on the tap, then run the water to the drain; without any sign of leakage. As you continue your investigation, like Sherlock Holmes in his kitchen, you will realize that there is a leak just as the stopper is put on; and the sink is full of water. The strainer is therefore found guilty!
In the next few paragraphs, we’ll see exactly what the problems are and the best way to replace a kitchen sink strainer.

What is a strainer?

The strainer, also known as a sleeve or collar, is the attachment that connects sinks to yield pipes. It comes with components like one or two gaskets (rubber washer), an anti-friction washer, a lock nut, and a union nut. Either way, the kitchen sink strainer comes with a basket plug. This basket makes it possible to plug the hole of this drain and also to accumulate the waste in all the water flow.

When should the strainer be replaced?

Some scenarios require us to replace the strainer. Either because:

  • The passage of time has abandoned marks, stains, or rust on the strainer
  • there is a leak due to breakage of this strainer
  • we want to replace the strainer on the sink using a mechanical plug.
  • Other scenarios can also lead us to replace one of these components with its own component. For example, if the basket is no longer waterproof, it can be moved precisely to the same version or the compatible version. When there is a leak under the sink, due to a gasket, then it will suffice to replace this gasket.

Tools required:

  • Multiple pliers / pipe wrench / nut wrench / strap wrench
  • Pipe sealant
  • Putty knife
  • Masking tape (optional).

How to replace a kitchen sink strainer

Before replacing the strainer, due to spillage, first, check whether the nuts have been tightened enough. Sometimes a very simple tightening solves the problem.

Strainer or Gasket Assembly

Using many pliers, unscrew the wedding nuts under the sink. Please note that many pliers have teeth that could damage the components. Glue the teeth of these pliers with masking tape or protect the parts with a cloth.

Once the nuts are unscrewed, drain the drain hose into the sink. Unscrew the locknut (alloy washer that holds the strainer). The use of a nut wrench or even a socket wrench, a box-end wrench is essential. If the strainer spins at exactly the same time you throw it, stop it by holding it in place.

If you are alone to do the job, use a pair of long nose pliers, then clamp it into the sink with a vise. Otherwise, take this opportunity to bond with those around you by asking for help from a neighbor.

Remove the anti-friction washer and the gasket (rubber seal). Exit through the bottom of the sink to reach the top.

Eliminate the strainer

At this time, under the strainer, you can find a gasket or putty. In either case, they should be deleted. Clean the surface thoroughly, taking care not to damage it.

Installation of this new strainer

Depending on the version chosen, you can have either a seal or a plumbing putty. Install the strainer on the handset, well based on the sink. When you have putty, adjust the putty strainer.

Under the sink, insert the gasket, the anti-friction washer and turn it off the nut. Make sure the strainer stays in place. Connect the return pipe, then turn the wedding nuts. Drain off the extra putty in the sink.

Check the tightness of this new slice: Be the very first check by letting the water run, then, for another, by hammering the drain spout. Fill the sink with a few inches of water and remove the stopper.

Replacing a seal

You will discover individually sold gaskets available on the market. To replace the worn gasket, unconfigure this strainer as previously described. Exactly at the same time, it is not difficult to soak the colander to make it look youthful. Besides the gaskets installed in the strainer collar, you can even replace the cap seal strainer.

Pipe putty

Apply pipe putty for waterproofing

Apply pipe putty for waterproofing

The use of pipe putty ensures waterproofing. It is not a good idea to replace pipe putty with window putty. The components of these two products are specific to their intended use.


In most pipe work, force is not suggested. It is best to twist the components tightly, assess their tightness and tighten them if necessary. When working on enameled surfaces, place your tools on a rag to scratch the surface. When operating under the sink or faucet, wear safety glasses.

MidCity Plumbers now hopes you get all the best way to replace a kitchen sink strainer on your own. However, we always would love to give you a hand if you believe it’s hard to handle it perfectly. Contact us 24/7 for the professional drainage service in Greater Vancouver area.

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