Money Saving Tips: 5 Ways to Lower Your Water Bill This Winter

Money coins fall out of the golden tap. Save money on your water bill.

During winter, our energy bills may skyrocket! After all, heating a home in the colder months is expensive, but so is heating water. As winter is fast approaching, many Canadian homeowners stress about the energy consumption of heating systems. And we all know that using more energy means losing more money. There are many ways of saving money and cutting down expenses on water bills. While the solutions are varied, we have money-saving tips here that will surely help you save. These tips are easy and simple.

How to Lower Your Water Bill

Intrigued? Read on to learn the 5 best ways to lower your water bill this winter. 

Be mindful of the length of showers 

Taking shorter showers during the winter can let you save a lot more. While this seems obvious, every minute of shower time equates to about 2 gallons of water for an 8-minute bath. If you shower daily, cutting back your shower time could save gallons of water for a month. Since it’s winter, you do not need to stay longer in the shower. You can start taking shorter showers by using a timer or creating a playlist good for 5 minutes. The key is saving money that will eventually cut down your water bills. 

Shower timer in bathroom used to time showers to save money on water bill.

Install water-saving showerheads

You measure Showerheads by the number of gallons of water per minute. Efficient showerheads, also known as “low flow,” deliver around 1.6 and 2.5 gallons per minute instead of standard showerheads that deliver water between 5 and 8 gallons per minute, causing more water consumption in the process. You can buy a low-flow showerhead for as little as $10 at any hardware near you. This simple tip can save you and the environment for every minute of shower time. Make sure that you look for an efficient showerhead with a shutoff feature. This mechanism cuts water to a trickle while applying shampoo, brushing your teeth, or soap up. So, replace your showerheads with low-flow models, as this uses half as much water as traditional showerheads.

Bathroom shower head spraying water

Check water pipes for leaks, corrosion, or freezing

Early detection of plumbing problems can also save you money. Ensure you assess your pipes, plumbing, and heating systems as part of your winter preparation. If your pipes are suffering from corrosion or leaks, this can greatly cost you, especially repair costs. So, make sure that your pipes are insulated and conditioned before the winter.

Busted plumbing water pipe with ice frozen and water dripping

Fix water leaks immediately

Once you realize that you are dealing with leaky pipes, don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber to address the leaks. Leaking pipes can pose greater issues such as warped walls, black mold, and flooding. If these leaks result in severe damage to your home, you will be spending a lot of money on plumbing repairs. So, if you are noticing leaks, for the time being, make sure that you contact a plumber near you to resolve the problem immediately. Remember that these leaks are more prone to result in damage, especially during the winter months. So, if you want to lower your water bill,  fix the leaks as early as possible.

Plumber Repairing Sink Pipe Leak With Adjustable Wrench

Regular plumbing maintenance

Regular plumbing maintenance has a lot of benefits. When it comes to saving energy bills, this can help homeowners detect early issues in their plumbing that would have caused costly energy consumption. One drop of water every two seconds can waste up to 3000 gallons of water in an annual energy cost. So, every drip contributes to your water bills, and with plumbing issues, this can skyrocket. Scheduled maintenance will help manage your continuous consumption, as shown on the water meter. Regular plumbing maintenance can also help you determine if you need a certain system replaced or repaired. As such, this can save you a lot of money in the process.

Male plumber in uniform and female customer in the kitchen with tool bag for a plumbing service at home

If you want to know more about lowering your water bills during the winter, we can help! We offer the best plumbing solutions in Burnaby and surrounding areas. We follow a thorough procedure to ensure that our solutions are permanent and efficient. First, establishing clear communication between our team and the customer is key to finding the cause of the plumbing issue. The following step is to inform you of what we will do before starting the service. Afterward, we conduct a thorough inspection and ensure the right solution to your plumbing problem. Just contact us today for more information.

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