How to Know When to Replace Your Main Water Line

Replacing Your Main Water Line

Water pipes are always under intense water pressure. Meaning they tend to wear out quickly. Don’t worry; water pipes can still last for a long time. So, no need to panic and start replacing your water pipes. There are many reasons to consider when you need to replace your main water line.

If you experience any of the signs, call your local professional plumber and let them check your water lines. Here are some signs to look out for:

How long do water pipes last

The life expectancy of your water pipes depends on the material used. 

  • PVC, also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, drain lines last indefinitely
  • Cast-iron drain lines last from 75 years to 100 years
  • Brass pipes can last from 40 years to more than 70 years
  • Copper drain lines will last more than 50 years
  • Lastly, galvanized steel drain lines last between 20 years and 50 years

This is just an estimate. The longevity of your water pipes will depend on how well it was maintained and the mineral content in the water in your location. Well-maintained water lines may last longer. But in areas with high mineral content or hard water, water pipes might fail sooner than the estimated life expectancy.

When is it time to replace your main water line?

Here at MidCity Plumbers, we ensure that every job is safe for your property. We want to provide you with the service you deserve when you need to change your water line.

Looking after your house’s plumbing is crucial, that includes your water mainline. It is responsible for delivering water supply in and out of your home. Water passes through your pipes and flows to your faucets and showerheads. It is highly susceptible to leaks, clogs, and breakage. 

If it is not well maintained, it can lead to leakage and flooding. That is why it is imperative to have your water pipes undergo regular maintenance checkups. Before any accidents and crises, it is necessary to know when to replace your water pipes. Here are some telltale signs that signify it is time for you to replace a main water line.

Higher Water Bills

Minor water leaking will not affect the pressure; however, since water continuously flows through your pipes, it will lead to wastage. A lot of water will go to waste, and your water bill will spike.

If your monthly water utility bill is increasing but your water consumption is not, it might signify that your pipes are damaged and leaking. It is time to have your water pipes checked by a professional plumber. 

Water Discoloration

When cracks and breaks in your water lines, dust, dirt, and other debris can get into your water, leading to water discoloration and contamination, these materials might contain various toxic materials. They might create a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. It can pose serious health issues for you and your family.

If the water coming straight from your faucets smells strange, has floating debris, or is weirdly cloudy, it means your pipes might be compromised. It is time to call your trusted plumbers and have them look into your water line. They will let you know if your pipes need replacement.

Corrosion on Pipes

Corrosion is one of the main reasons why your pipes fail. When you see any water discoloration, there is a considerable probability of rust accumulation in your pipes. Corrosion inside the water line can be fixed by replacing your water pipes.

Low Water Pressure

When there are problems with your water lines, the pressure inside the pipes will decrease. It might be clogged and needs flushing, or there might be leaks causing the pressure to drop. Both will cause your water pressure throughout your home to decrease. 

With leaks, you might not notice it. On the other hand, if there are blockages in your water line, you will encounter more problems in the future if you leave it alone. Your water has to work harder to push past the clogging. The pressure will be affected, and you won’t be able to enjoy the water flow.

Older Home

An older home means older plumbing, which includes the water line inside the house. If the house you live in is more than 30 years old and not adequately kept or updated, it is likely to assume that the water lines are not edited. 

If your house was constructed in the 1930s to 1980s, the water pipes are likely made from galvanized steel which is prone to corrosion and rust buildup. At the same time, homes made from 1960s water lines are usually made from copper. Both materials are not made to last forever. Plus, connections might need a lot of updating. The outdated pipes should be telltale signs to replace your main water line.

I highly suggest calling a professional plumber to check your homes. It is best to have them look into your water lines to make sure everything is working correctly. Expert plumbers will let you know if the water pipes are updated and if they need replacing.

Pipe Material

Replacing Outdated Main Lines

MidCity Plumbers guarantees that all your new pipes meet our highest standards. This ensures that you aren’t worried about any ruptured piping!

Some materials can last for a long time, but nothing lasts forever, including your water pipes. Keep in mind, inside the pipes, water passes through 24/7 unless the main water line is off. The water passing through is under high pressure to reach your faucets. Because of this, a lot of things may happen to your pipes, like corrosion and breakage.

Depending on the materials used for your water line, it can last from 20 years to 100 years. If the water pipes in your home are made from steel, there is a considerable possibility that corrosion may happen. It is best to call your professional plumbers and have them replace your water pipes if you happen to encounter water discoloration.

What to look for when hiring a water line replacement plumber

Replacing water lines is tricky, and not just any plumber can do it. You need to hire a professional plumber to remove and replace the water line in your home correctly. Here are three things you need to look and ask for before hiring your plumber:

Plumber Certificate

If your province requires a plumbing certificate, make sure to ask for it first before hiring them. You can ask them if it’s ok for you to check their plumbing certificate. Be wary of those with new plumbing certificates because they might not have that much experience, but they can offer better rates than those with lots of experience. In BC, use the ITA website to check your tradesperson’s certificate.

Experience and  References

With experience comes references. Do not be shy and ask for references. This way, you can be sure they have experience in water line replacements. This job requires a professional that can properly remove and replace your water lines without damaging your home. 

Price and Rate

Ask for a quote. Be wary of those who offer meager rates because there are times when the cost is equal to the quality of work. However, you also need to make sure the price and rate provided are fair and just for the amount of work they are providing. When you have to replace your main water line, this can make or break the job!

TIP: Do not be afraid to ask questions when looking for a plumber to replace your water line. Remember, you are letting someone into your home. It is best if you are comfortable working with them. Plus, always ask if clean-up is included in the package. 

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