Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

3D rendering of a tankless water heater.

Tankless water heaters are making a name on their own. Canadian homeowners love this innovative alternative to traditional hot water heaters due to their space-saving feature and overall efficiency in the household. However, to explore what makes tankless water heaters worth it, we have gathered everything about it. We got them all here for you, from their benefits to scheduling a specialist to help you with your tankless water heater journey. 

How does a water heater work

Like traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters can deliver a steady stream of water minus the bulky and space-consuming body. It works by effectively heating the water when you manually turn on the water tap. As the tap water flows through the unit, a gas burner inside the heating system or electric heating element (depending on your tankless water heater type) turns one and heats the water. When the water runs through, it will be hot and match your preference.

Advantages of a tankless water heater

Access to instant hot water

The first benefit of a tankless water heater is that it gives instant water hot water without any complexity. It makes it easy to use and manage by homeowners. Thanks to their innovative heating mechanics, tankless water heaters are quickly ready for daily consumption and regular use. 

It takes up less space

Perhaps the greatest feature of a tankless water heater is, it’s tankless! If the space in your home is limited, having a tankless water heater is the most practical option if you want hot water without having too much space to cover. This type of water heater is usually mounted on a wall, consuming less legroom. The main difference between your tank-style and tankless water heaters is the installation and size. To get a rough idea about how much wall space you need, we suggest checking the unit first and its size. Always make sure that there is enough wall space in the room for installation purposes. This way, you won’t have to revamp your whole room. 

Lasts longer

Tankless water heaters have an extended life that can greatly benefit homeowners who want to save in the long run. While traditional storage heaters can last about a decade, their tankless counterparts have at least a double life expectancy. It makes it a perfect choice for homeowners looking to stay put for the long term. 

Save money in the long run

If you want to save money in the long run, tankless water heaters can be a great option. The amount of energy you save depends on how often you turn the system on and how much hot water you use daily. Because the unit is tankless, it doesn’t need to maintain a steady water supply like the traditional ones.  So, the heating source is not consistently on, which will consume a lot of energy.

In a tankless unit, the heater only consumes energy when you turn it on. It lowers your energy costs in the process. In addition, tankless water heaters don’t experience much heat loss, unlike tank-style. In tank-style, heat escapes the tank, and you need to reheat it to maintain the temperature. Keep in mind that when heat escapes from your tank, the heater will need to work overtime and hence, consuming more energy.

Hand with gloves on adjusting the temperature on a tankless water heater

Energy efficient

If you’re worried about the amount of energy used using a tankless water heater,  this can cut monthly bills because of their energy efficiency. These system heaters are about 24% to 34% more energy-efficient in homes with smaller families or those using less than 41 gallons of water daily. So, what does this mean for the customer? It can be a huge benefit for budget-conscious homeowners since they save a lot of money in the process. You do not need to turn on a tankless water heater constantly.

More safety

Safety is a primary concern for families, especially those with young children.  If your customers are concerned about the safety of a tankless water heater, you can put their minds at ease. Traditional storage water heaters can overheat, and in rare instances, explode. Because tankless models hold very little water, the threat of overheating or explosion is much lower. In addition, if your customer has recently had a water heater leak, they know the damage a storage heater can cause. They would benefit from learning that, due to the amount of water stored in a tankless heater, leaking is a lot less likely, and if a leak does occur, it will cause significantly less water damage.  

Longer warranty

On average, the life expectancy of tankless water heaters is over 20 years. It lasts way longer than your traditional tank-style water heaters, which last for only about 8 to 12 years. However, the lifespan of your water heaters will vary depending on the maintenance and how you care for them. 

If your units are properly maintained, you can have a tankless water heater that can last even beyond the average lifespan. 

Available in gas or electric

Typically, you can power a tankless water heater with gas. With the growing demand for residential consumption, other electric and solar-powered models are taking center stage. An electric or solar-powered unit might be good for you if your home has an abundant supply of these energy types. However, keep in mind that these power sources have different installation processes and tools needed. Plus, they have other pros and cons as well.

Gas tankless water heater

Design and labelled parts of a gas tankless water heater.

Electric tankless water heater

Design and labelled parts of a Electric 4 element tankless water heater.

When to schedule a consultation with a plumbing specialist

If you are ready to commit to having a tankless water heater, call a professional plumber. If you are unsure of your space or the amount of preparation you need, professional plumbing experts usually have FREE in-house consultation to help you out. Schedule a consultation with a plumbing expert when you have already decided to install a tankless water heater.

Do you want a tankless water heater installed in your home? Our team at MidCity Plumbers offers a wide variety of plumbing services and drain tile installations to all customers in Burnaby and the surrounding areas. Just give us a call on 📞 (778)-772-8676 today, and we are more than happy to provide you with a complete installation service from the inspection stage to the final step.

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