7 Things to Never Pour Down the Kitchen Drain to Avoid Clogs

Woman washing carrots in the kitchen sink. MidCity Plumbers

Most homes with busy kitchens don’t often consider the things poured down the sink. Oftentimes, homeowners wait for clogs to happen to reconsider everything that they pour down the kitchen sink drain pipe. In order to avoid damage costs, it’s time to think things through about kitchen drains. At MidCity Plumbers, we know exactly what to do when clogged drains happen. Here are 7 things to never pour down the kitchen drain to avoid clogs in your kitchen sink drain: 

1. Used cooking oil or grease in the kitchen drain

We’ve talked about how cooking oil and grease can be a major hassle when poured down the drain. Cooking oil and grease can block the pipes when they solidify. These liquids can mix with other particles down the drain and accumulate into solid masses of fats that can cling onto the walls of your pipes at home. When this happens, clogs will surely happen and some may even lead to damages beyond repair. 

2. Washing flour or starch down the kitchen drain

If you love baking at home, flour or scratch excess can be a mess. After baking, remember to scrape the excess flour or starch before you wash the bowls and measuring cups. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of clogging the drain with a goop of water and starch. Much like grease and cooking oil mixing with other materials in the drain, the goop can cling onto the walls of the pipes and narrow the pipe’s diameter, causing blocked drains in the process. 

Woman holding a spoonful of flour above the bag to prevent it from getting in the kitchen drain. MidCity Plumbers

3. Coffee grinds in the kitchen drain

While some of us don’t know it yet, coffee grinds can be the biggest culprit when it comes to clogged kitchen drains. Though it may look harmless to dispose of your coffee grounds down the drain, you can easily wash away the coffee grinds, coffee grinds have the potential to cause stubborn clogs. Over time, these coffee grinds will fill up the trap in your kitchen drain, leaving you with a slow draining sink. So, before you pour the leftover coffee from your morning routine, think of ways to dispose of it properly first. Yes, coffee grounds are compostable, but remember that these can build up over time and compromise the way your water flows through the pipes. 

4. Eggshells in the kitchen drain

It is common knowledge that eggshells are a headache when it comes to kitchen drain use. Even if you have a proper garbage disposal, eggshells will always clog the drains due to their shell membranes. Reconsider how to throw them out, like disposing them in the trash or composting them. You can even incorporate these shells in your art if you have the time. 

Broken eggshell can wash down the kitchen drain and cause clogs. MidCity Plumbers

5. Uncooked or raw rice down kitchen drain

If you’re fond of having rice with your meals, then cut the habit of pouring the excess rice down the drain after washing it. Keep in mind that rice expands in water. Imagine what happens when you pour rice down the drain. This rice mixes with water, and voila! You find yourself having clogged drain issues. If you can, always filter your rice when washing and avoid pouring huge amounts of rice down the drain. 

6. Any type of pasta in the kitchen drain

So, you love pasta? While cooking pasta is all fun and games, it can also lead to clogging issues. If you somehow forgot about straining the noodles from the water, they will end up clogging the kitchen sink drain pipe. Pasta can easily tangle up the blades of disposal if you have a garburator in the kitchen drain. This may also harden in the pipes, consequently causing a clog.

Fresh pasta in strainer that could clog kitchen drain. MidCity Plumbers

Much like rice, water can cause the pasta to expand, which further blocks the pipe system you have at home. There are effective methods you can use to dissolve pasta in your sink drain. You can also contact a professional team of plumbers to help you out when the problem is beyond your control. 

7. Stickers on fruits or vegetables in the kitchen drain

Most stickers on our produce such as fruits and vegetables may look not harmful, they can actually contribute to clogging our drains and can even cause huge blockages over time. To avoid such an issue, make sure to peel the stickers off the produce before washing your fruits or veggies. This way, you get to avoid having these stickers down the kitchen drain. Keep in mind that the stickers don’t dissolve in water easily, resulting in clogging your pipes and causing even more damage to the water supply in your local community. Small amounts matter greatly as they can build up over time, too. 

Three yellow zucchini with produce stickers. Avoid disposing in kitchen drain. MidCity Plumbers

When to call a plumbing service for your kitchen drain

Next time you’re cooking or preparing meals, think about the particles you pour down the drain before disposal – you could be saving yourself an expensive repair cost and clean up! MidCity Plumbers is a trustworthy team of expert plumbers with the necessary tools and expertise for the job. Our efficient service includes plumbing and drainage services completely right from the assessment through the final unclogging stages. 

When the clogs begin to get stubborn, our expert plumbers can efficiently get rid of them and other issues in a safer way. Our plumbing services are available in residential and commercial areas. We cover all your plumbing needs from leaks, clogs, to water heaters or drainage problems. Just contact us today at 📞 (778) 772-8676 and our team will be right on your doorstep to resolve your clogging issues in no time!

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