6 Signs a Commercial Building Needs Plumbing Upgrades

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As every commercial owner knows, compromised plumbing in your business may result in a  loss of income. As such, many business owners see that every system in their building is at its finest. One of the many ways business owners should regularly check for signs of an upgrade in their commercial property’s plumbing. Some of these signs may not be visible, so you need professional help. 

When to replace plumbing 

Here are some signs that your commercial building needs plumbing upgrades: 


Perhaps the most common sign that makes it practical to upgrade your plumbing as much as possible. While early signs of leaks can be regulated and resolved, there are times when leaking can pose greater risks. When you ignore leaking pipes for as long as they wreak havoc on your business, this can lead to income loss and diminish customer numbers.  If customers find poor water quality, stained walls, and invasive black mold, this is a great turn-off, thus losing income returns.  

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Stains like brown marks on the walls or ceilings of your commercial building are clear indications of a more grave, underlying problem. If you find stains coming from plumbing damage usually occurs as a result of a leak in your system. If left unattended,  water stains could result in serious structural damages that entail expensive damage repairs. When you experience a problem like water stains, please don’t leave it unattended. It’s advisable to ask your professional commercial plumber for a quotation and upgrade your old plumbing system. It is important in relatively older buildings where people neglect plumbing systems for an extended period. 


Unusual noises almost always come from damaged plumbing. For example, a clog in your drain is most likely responsible for the gurgling sounds you hear coming from your commercial sink or faucets. An obstruction or sediment buildup can keep water from passing through the drainpipe or the whole plumbing system, for that matter. The air escaping from the water that is struggling to pass through is the main reason for the gurgling sound or weird noises to continue. A professional commercial plumber can vent your drain to prevent air bubbles and eventually stop the odd noises. So, if you hear unusual noises, better schedule an appointment with the professional plumbers near your area. 


Corrosion is the result of pipes slowly compromised by rust. Also, brown or dark water passing through the pipes may result from corrosion in your pipes. If left untreated for an extended period, mineral deposits can clog pipes, which late on builds pressure. With continual stress, the pipes eventually burst, resulting in far significant damage with higher costly repairs. When you suspect early signs of rust or corrosion, your pipes need immediate attention from professional plumbers. Better yet, upgrade these pipes to prevent sudden damage while you run your business. 

Rusty pipes in commercial building needing new plumbing, MidCity Plumbers


In any commercial plumbing system, discolored water is usually a cause for concern. Water that is murky or discolored is a concern for most commercial owners. If you want to keep your business running, make sure the water that passes through your plumbing system is not discolored. So, once you see a change in color, assess your plumbing system and make an appointment with the local commercial plumber. The discolored water can be a symptom of pipe corrosion or decay. Therefore, if you discover this problem in your building, you may need to upgrade your commercial plumbing system.


When you damage your pipes due to aging or other issues, upgrade them as fast as possible. Water damage manifests itself in different ways, including the entrance of water into your commercial property. A supply system failure, for example, can be one of the most catastrophic water problems running through your plumbing system because water has a chance to escape the pipes at high pressure. 

What to keep in mind for plumbing in commercial buildings

Here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to commercial plumbing

Frequency of use 

To what purpose is your building intended? Frequency of use may lead to high risks of damage. Public or large companies have a higher frequency of use when it comes to plumbing systems. It means that large companies have more complex plumbing systems that need to be maintained almost religiously. So, when making upgrades, always see to it that you work with professional plumbers to help you out. 

Water needs

Interior of public washroom and sinks and mirrors. MidCity Plumbers

Your commercial building must have plumbing systems that are up to the standards. These water needs may be: 

  1. Since you supply water for human consumption, it should be safe at all times. 
  2. Every building should have an internal drinking-water piped system to cater to the customers.
  3. You should conserve water by preventing leakage and wastage.

Remember that commercial plumbing systems and fixtures should be planned out, maintained, and used to minimize leakage and wastage as much as possible. Quickly repairing leaking faucets is a critical practice, but there are times when upgrading your plumbing is a much better choice. If you want to have the best for your customers, make sure your experts handle your plumbing. 

When you want to upgrade your plumbing system today, give us a call on 📞 (778)-772-8676 today, and we are more than happy to help you out!

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