5 Reasons Your Sewer Line is Clogging

Plumber Digging Out Clogged Sewer Line. MidCity Plumbers

The sewer lines of most residential areas connect underground. These lines are essential to communities, especially when it comes to preventing floods or overflows. In a closer look, sewer lines are the backbone of every plumbing system in a community. However, daily consumption and lifestyle may lead to factors that can cause clogging of sewer lines. When you suspect that something is wrong with the sewer lines in our area, make sure that you are familiar with the reasons as to why.

Reasons your sewer line is clogging

This blog contains five reasons why your sewer line is clogging and how to change your lifestyle to prevent such clogging. Want to know more? Read on! 

1. Disposing garbage and food in the toilet

It is perhaps the most obvious reason why clogging continues to be a problem in residential areas. Greater risks come from not having proper working disposal. After preparing food or eating a meal, food scraps may tempt you to flush them down the toilet. These scraps can be coffee grounds, eggshells, or fruit skins. Keep in mind that you connect toilets to sewer lines, and the clogging will most likely occur as these scrubs will build up through the sewer line walls.

Person pouring food from a pot in the toilet causing a clogged toilet. MidCity Plumbers

2. Tree roots

Some pipes consist of porous materials such as clay that could favor tree root growth. If there are large trees in your yard, these trees will instinctively seek out a water source for growth. The nearest water source is often your sewer line. With the organic material of your pipes plus the abundance of water,  roots can eventually penetrate the sewer line at its joints and cause blockage and severe damage to the pipes. If you have older homes with out-of-date sewer lines, expect tree roots to exist. So, ensure that the sewer lines are up to date. You should replace the piping systems in your home if necessary.

Tree root clogged sewer pipe. MidCity Plumbers

3. Damaged sewer lines

Damaged sewer lines are the key reason why your sewer lines continue to clog. A crack in the sewer lines can show symptoms that are often familiar. It may be a foul odor, discolored water, or leaking. The causes of the damage to your sewer lines may come from ground shifting during an earthquake or poor ground support and may even be natural wear and tear over some time. In this case, make sure you change the damage to the sewer lines to avoid extreme flooding or severe water loss.

Damaged sewer pipe. MidCity Plumbers

4. Heavy rain

Sewers are always subject to heavy rain. Sewer lines can withstand only so much rain, and without proper precautions, these sewer lines can burst, and water can go everywhere. When this occurs, the excess water often makes its way into residential areas and down the sewer lines. It can cause clogs and other blockages. Keep in mind that heavy rain may bring debris, and such debris can pass through sewer lines resulting in clogs.

Heavy rain flowing from a downspout during a heavy rain can cause sewer line clog. Midcity Plumbers

What happens if you don’t treat a clog in your sewer line

Simply put, when your sewer line is clogged, the water can’t go where it is supposed to be. Instead, it flows back up the pipes and will compromise the plumbing systems of each house in the community. You’ll know that there is something wrong with the sewer lines when you run water in the bathroom sink and you hear bubbles and gurgles. The bubbling is due to air trapped in the plumbing system. Also, if a clogged sewer line is left untreated, you’ll experience more risks, such as foul odor and health problems.

Call a professional plumber for maintenance

If you suspect that something is clogging your sewer lines, immediately contact a professional plumber near you. This way, you get to prevent further damage and higher repair costs. Addressing clogs at an earlier time is more efficient and practical, considering that clogging is a slow process that you can build over time. So, to efficiently get rid of clogs and prevent overflows and flooding in your community, contact the nearest plumber experts near you. 

Our team at MidCity Plumbers deal with these kinds of problems, and we know exactly how to address them. With our certified plumbers, we have the right expertise and tools to unclog sewer lines and prevent clogging in the future. Just contact us today on 📞 (778) 772-8676 and we will provide the right solutions to avoid water damage from a clog in your sewer line.

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