5-Easy steps to use plumbing snake – Experts advice

Toilet drain pipes

It is estimated that 14% of all water use came from water leaks. Blockage drain is one of the reasons. When the pipes get blocked, the water inside needs to go somewhere then causes leakage. In the long run, clogs that are not removed can increase pressure within the drains, result in other serious damages.

Before jumping to the solution, understanding the most common reasons is helpful to prevent problems happening in the future.


It is the most popular way to block a drain. Most of the time it is a moderately easy task to just ‘remove the hair’ before it becomes heavily clog at the entrance of the pipes. Sometimes, however, it is not cleared up right away, you should aware that there are a lot of problems with the drainage system


Some homeowners or their family members engage in risky behaviors in day-to-day use such as throwing toiletries down the drain. On top of the list, toilet paper. Even though this type of toiletry is designed to be flushed down the drain, it is not good to do so in the large amounts. Diapers and wet wipes are the two common problems that are known to block drains after flushing.

Roots and leaves

Sewer is often built underground. Tree roots and leaves can block the drain grids, prevent water from running through the drains. Flooding is the worst-case scenario, besides blockages. Try metal grid and check the outdoor drains regularly, especially fall season are effortless ways to find blockages

Garbage disposals

Food, grease, and other debris do not allow water to run through the drain pipe. For simple cases, remove clogs by pulling out larger materials, plunging, and even removing and clean your trap. 

Low water pressure

If your faucets only allow small drips of water instead of gushing out, as usual, there is probably a flow problem, as well as a build-up of sediment. As the water flowing through your pipes carries dissolved minerals that settle on metal surfaces, showers, or faucet parts to clog and reduce the water pressure.

Faulty in pipes installation

Poor quality pipes or set-up of your bathroom plumbing can lead to costly drain blockages. Understanding that do-it-yourself methods can save your household budget, installing your own pipes is not recommended as it is not an easy task after all. This can lead to problems like incorrect water flow, fractured pipes, and costly repairs coming further.

Pipe system installation

Proper pipe system installation is the first priority to keep your home safe

A plumbing snake is a very useful cleaning tool for the heavily clogged drainage system. When other solutions like using baking soda and vinegar with a hot water rinse could not help or just a little, it is time you need to rent or buy the tool and learn how to use it as a plumber helper.

Let’s dive right in!

Safety priority

Grab glasses or rubber gloves. Do not try to use the snake without wearing the proper work gloves. Being a long cable, it is difficult and even painful when gripping the snake without gloves.

Prepare yourself and the work area

Get old but comfortable clothes to make sure you are easy to move around. Whether you clear a sink or a heavily clogged toilet, do not forget to move obstacles away like a trap arm from the drain before you begin.

Insert the snake into the pipe

There are two ends of the snake which are the handle and the firm end. Insert the firm of the snake into the drain and let it through the pipes until you feel the clogging coming. Remember to do it gently as you do not want to scratch the porcelain inside. If the little snake fails, remove it and use the bigger one instead. Start to rotate the handle. Once you feel the snake reaches the blockage, spin the handle with many angles. This movement is the most important step to break the clog and release the drain. In some cases, the drain is too dry, add a little water to speed up the process.

Remove the snake

Check the work by pouring water or flushing the toilet. If the water runs down the drain smoothly, that is a good sign of cleared blockage. Sometimes, you need to repeat these steps again as you seem still to have a clog. Carefully pull the snake out of the drain and put it back in its case.


Use rags or towels to wipe everything down, especially the floor.

Plumbing snake is a simple way to help your house free-blockage as long as you know how to use your snake properly.

Sometimes,  however, there is a serious clogged issue you can not handle, no matter what you try. Do not frustrated. Make sure you contact professionals from MidCity Plumbers to get your house system inspected. We promise to provide 24/7 exceptional water and drainage services to help you out with any clogs.

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