4 Reasons Shower Drain Cleaning is Essential

Shower drain with water and soap residue. MidCity Plumbers

Did you consider regular cleaning when it comes to your shower drain? While most people don’t realize how important this is, we’re here to tell you why. Regular shower drain cleaning has many more benefits than you might think. 

One of the best reasons is you get to prevent drain clogging issues. In this blog, find out the reasons why shower drain cleaning is essential and why you should start adding this step to your regular cleaning routine. 

Why you should clean your shower drain regularly

Cleaning your shower drain can bring wonders, especially when it comes to your daily routine and convenience. Here are some of the best reasons why you should clean your shower drain regularly: 

1. Prevent odors in your shower drain

Any shower drain in your home can be the major culprit of bad smells especially when they are not cleaned regularly. It is tricky to deal with the awful odors that they carry, but with proper cleaning, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Shower drain cleaning prevents odors by not having stagnant water in your P-traps. Once the P-trap collects a lot of water, it’ll start to smell, and you’d have to spend on much expensive cleaning. 

2. Keep away pests and insects in your shower drain

Most insects and pests love stagnant water. Much worse, they can even breed in these waters. If you notice an increase in pests or insects inside your home, chances are, your shower drain needs a thorough cleaning. Keep in mind that these pests and insects can also be a great inconvenience and pose health risks to you and your family. To prevent them, clean your shower drain to eliminate the potential environment that can increase their population. 

Dirty shower drain with dead insects around. MidCity Plumbers

3. Avoid growth of mold and bacteria in your shower drain

Your drainage system can also be home to different types of bacteria and molds. Be mindful that some forms of bacteria can compromise your health and even trigger asthma. Surely, you can prevent this problem by regularly cleaning your shower drain. Don’t wait for the time that these bacteria and mold can cause further damage. While you’re at it, make sure you regularly clean your shower drain. 

4. Prevent clogs and costly repairs for your shower drain

When you take the time to clean your shower drain regularly, you can prevent blockages. Small blockages can be annoying when you shower or use the sink, but a serious clog can be concerning. Sewer drain cleaning may be necessary to keep the drains flowing freely. When the sewer system builds up, it ends up causing problems when you flush the toilet as it can start to overflow.

What causes a clogged shower drain? 

Major culprits for the clogs in a shower drain may be dirt, food waste, soap residue, and even hair binds. When you don’t regularly clean your drains, these harmful particles and debris will accumulate and end up blocking water flow through your shower drain. This will greatly affect the way you consume water and worse, compromise your water quality. 

Person with orange gloves Cleaning shower drain with hair clogged. MidCity Plumbers

Should you use chemicals to clean shower drain? 

The quick answer to that is no. While you might think that chemical cleaners are highly effective in cleaning stubborn clogs and dirt in your shower drain, they may also do more harm than good. 

Most chemical cleaners have harsh chemicals that can heat up and burn your pipes. And these chemical cleaners may not be as effective as you might think. Not all causes of clogs can be resolved with chemical cleaners. 

For instance, clogs in pipes are mainly due to tree roots or mineral buildup in the backup drain requires professional plumbing and clearing services beyond dangerous chemical cleaners. If you want to try a home remedy, try a homemade cleaner or explore other natural solutions. Better yet, contact a professional team to help you resolve the issue.  

What is the best way to clean a shower drain?

Typically, the ideal way to clean out a clogged shower drain is with the plunging method. However, there are times when plumbing services are much more needed than a homemade solution or any regular cleaning. When this happens, it’s time to call up a professional team of certified plumbers. 

While you are most familiar with the clogs that can easily be cleared using readily available tools, expert cleaning may be the best one yet to clean a shower drain. Let’s admit it, most DIY solutions are not just that effective especially when you are facing plumbing issues that are complex like having tree root growth or highly-corrosive pipes. 

Hand of person wearing blue rubber gloves is using a sponge to clean shower drain. MidCity Plumbers

And while drain snakes can be effective at knocking excess buildup that clings onto your pipe walls, much-needed expertise may be at times more ideal. 

When to contact a professional about your shower drain

Regular home plumbing solutions may not work to clean your pipes or shower drain,  so don’t hesitate to get professional help from a team of plumbing experts. We at MidCity Plumbers use up-to-date plumbing services and solutions to clean your drains in a thorough and effective manner.

Keep in mind that despite your preventive measures, your home may have a serious shower drain clog. Whether you need a full-blown shower drain cleaning or just an assessment, our fast and professional service can return your plumbing system back to its best.

Do you want help with your drain cleaning today? We got you covered! MidCity Plumbers is a reliable plumbing company with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.  We are always ready to provide plumbing services both in residential and commercial settings. Even the toughest dirt and molds will be resolved in the shortest amount of time. MidCity Plumbers offer permanent solutions by following a thorough process. Plus, our services are done right the first time, from the initial inspection all the way through the final process. If you have stubborn clogs or dirt at home even in emergency situations, give us a call today on 📞 (778) 772-8676 and we can get to you as early as possible. We also offer FREE in-house assessments or inspections should you need one. 

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