10 Top Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my drain get clogged?

Your drain gets clogged when dirt, food particles, or other debris scum on the walls of your drain pipes. If left unattended, this debris can accumulate and reduce the water flow through these pipes. Other causes of clogging may be oil, grease, and even hair. Make sure you observe proper prevention before you flush any particles down the drain. 

What is soft and hard water?

Soft water is considered treated water where sodium is the only ion component. As opposed to hard water that contains an appreciable quantity of dissolved minerals like magnesium. Hard water can build up through time in the residential and commercial pipelines. The minerals it comes in can compromise the efficiency of cleaning products and can even create soap buildup that results in bad water quality. 

There’s a reason why most homes need a water softener as it removes impurities accumulated in the hard water that can compromise the water quality. 

What is causing my faucet to leak?

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Your faucet is leaking due to several causes such as: 

  • Water pressure 
  • Damaged pipes
  • Improper installation 
  • Damaged valve seat 
  • Worn pipe

In most of these cases, make sure that you do a frequent assessment to avoid additional damage costs. Most importantly, contact experts to provide plumbing services for your home’s needs. 

How can I keep my pipes from freezing? 

You can keep your pipes from freezing by adding a layer of insulation to your pipes before winter and programming your thermostat to save up to 10% of your annual heating costs. Additionally, you can also use space heaters to cut down expenses and keep yourself warm without using too many heating systems. This way, your pipes will be greatly insulated. 

Why are my water pipes so noisy?

The noises from your pipes are usually the result of loose pipe fittings or small holes where airflow passes through. Additionally, high water pressure can also lead to damaging your pipes over time. And once the pipes take this type of damage, this can create leaks that cause whistling and noisy sounds. Before any room renovation, you have to make sure that the pipes you have can withstand high pressure. 

Why is my toilet running? 

The most common reason is that an old flapper is broken or needs to be replaced. When flappers get old, they obviously don’t seal well. This results in water passing constantly from the toilet tank into the bowl. When this happens, it’s best to contact a professional plumbing company to resolve the issue immediately as a running toilet may also be a major cause for higher water bill costs. 

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Why do I always run out of hot water? 

There are many reasons why you always run out of hot water. The most common reasons are sediment build-up, a broken heating element, and a damaged pipe. If you can’t assess these issues properly but you’re suspecting further damage may occur, call the nearest plumbing company near you to get the job done. 

What is the best way to unclog a drain? 

The best way to unclog a drain is by using plungers along with baking soda, vinegar, and warm water. When it comes to stubborn clogged drains, however, it’s practical to hire a plumbing team to eliminate the problem in the least amount of time. They have the necessary tools and expertise to resolve the issue at hand. 

Why did my water bill increase? 

A surprisingly high water bill is usually caused by a leaking pipe or a change in water use. So, when you have a leaking toilet or those continuing to flush in a constant manner, this can get your water bills to skyrocket. Also, make it a habit to check the pipes and water heater as they may also contribute to higher water bills especially when they are damaged or worn. 

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How can I find a good plumber contractor?

You can find a good plumber by first asking for recommendations and then browsing the web for those near you to save a lot of time and money. MidCity Plumbers, for example, constantly offer full-service plumbing and heating services. The services they provide are suitable in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. From a simple service call or emergency repair to complete renovations or new construction projects, MidCity has got it all for you. You can contact the team at MidCity Plumbers here or at 📞 (778) 772-8676, and they will surely provide the right solutions to avoid any plumbing issues in the future and resolve any plumbing issues right away!

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