ABS Pipe

What is an ABS pipe ?

If you have ever seen a black pipe in a bathtub, sink or toilet drain, it is most likely made from a thermoplastic resin called acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). ABS plumbing pipes are always black in color and typically found in drain-waste-vent (DWV) systems.

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What is an ABS pipe used for ?

ABS pipes and fittings are an inexpensive and lightweight choice for commercial and residential uses, specifically in drain-waste-vent (DWV) systems, hot water supply systems, sewer systems, and electric insulation.

ABS plumbing pipes are only used for draining and waste piping and are not used for transporting potable water. They are non-toxic, abrasion-resistant and can withstand high temperatures without warping.

In addition, they can be connected with primer and solvent, making them easier to install than metal pipes. ABS pipes have been found with no traces of corrosion, flaking, fading, rusting or rotting compared to the common erosion found in metal pipes. For these reasons, they are typically used in bathtub, sink or toilet drains. In addition to being used outside and underground, where it is not exposed to direct sunlight. 

Rest assured that our expert plumbers can identify your plumbing needs and find a solution to best suit your residence or commercial space. Whether it is a clogged shower drain, sink drain or bathtub drain, slow draining pipe, leaky faucet, water flooding or foul odor, we have a team of professionals to diagnose and repair the problem. 

ABS Pipe vs. PVC Pipe

There are many types of plumbing systems sold in the market each with their own advantages. However, each plumbing drain type serves the same purpose: to drain. So, how do we choose the best one? Two of the most common and widely compared types of plumbing pipe materials are ABS pipes and PVC pipes. One of the main differences is the color of each pipe; ABS pipes are always black, while PVC pipes are white, beige or grey. Although both have similar properties of being non-toxic, ABS pipes are known to have a long lifespan and be more durable under colder temperatures. It is important to note ABS pipes are more suitable below ground as it can warp under exposure to direct sunlight. 

PVC pipes are flexible and resistant to blockages and high-water pressure. They are the ideal choice to use indoors in sink drains, shower drains or toilet drain lines as it is soundproof and prevents the sound of water flowing in plumbing pipes. Installing ABS pipes is a one step process for connecting pipes, which can be instantly bonded with a block of special cement. Whereas PVC pipes require a two-step process. The pipe end needs to be primed and then dried before being bonded with cement. The process adds an extra labor cost that makes ABS a more cost-effective choice given the materials are priced about the same. 

The slight differences in ABS pipes and PVC pipes will be the deciding factor on which material will be the best choice. To choose the right material for your residence or commercial space, MidCity Plumbers experts can provide better insight based on assessment of the property, local building codes and regulations.

ABS Pipe

PVC Pipe