How to Fix a Leaking Hot Tub

hot tub leaks

Hot tubs are a wonderful addition on any property. They offer a relaxing space to spend time and entertain guests in a warm and inviting environment. The second your hot tube springs a leak however, relaxation can quickly turn into frustration, for a number of reasons. Even a small leak can lead to big problems in the future. One of the most troublesome issues associated with a leaky hot tub is determining where the leak is coming from. Before you can go about fixing the leak, you need to locate it, which is why we have prepared a few tips that will help you first track down your leak so you can go about fixing it yourself, or with the help of a quality plumbing service.

Common Areas

There are a few areas on virtually any hot tub where leaks are prone to occur. Hose connections on the spa itself or those attached to the pump can often become loose or get jostled over time, leading to minor leaks at the connection point. Many hot tubs and spas also feature some type of underwater lighting. These fixtures are often built to remain completely watertight, but like the pipe connections, over time these seals can become compromised. This is especially true if the lights have been recently opened to replace the old bulbs. Along with these areas, leaks can also occur within the hot tub filter or the internal plumbing. Leaks of this nature are usually harder to locate and repair, but there are products available that will make this task easier for those who want to handle repairs on their own.

Leak Indicators

If you are unable to find any leaks on the areas previously listed, there are still a few tricks you can try before you enlist professional help from a plumbing service. Try leaving the pump off for a few days and mark the water level as it continues to drop. If you notice the water stops falling after it has passed a certain point, this is a great indicator that the leak is located somewhere just above where the water has dropped. You can also try dropping some dark coloured food dye into the hot tub and watching closely where the dye travels on its way out of the hot tub.

Repair Solution

Whether the leak is located near your pump, in your filter, the plumbing or on the shell of the hot tub, there is a handy product that will help you make repairs quickly on your own. A specially formulated solution called Fix A Leak can be purchased at most pool or hardware stores is ideal for fixing hard to find leaks that are less than 1/8” in diameter. Simply mark the water level at its full level, and pour the Fix A Leak into your skimmer system with the pump running. Circulate the hot tub for about six hours, then turn off the pump and check the water level the following day. If the water level hasn’t fallen, you can rest assured that the leak has been fixed. If the leak has simply slowed, try adding more Fix A Leak and wait another day.

If all else fails, you can always contact the friendly plumbing experts At MidCity Plumbers to help you get your hot tub sealed up and running perfectly once again. For more information or to book a free estimate, give us a call or send us an email today!