What is Causing my Plumbing Pipes to Vibrate?

pipes vibration

Loud banging and rattling noises in your walls can quickly become a concern for any homeowner, especially if you are unsure about the cause. In the case of water supply pipes, there are a few reasons why you may be hearing noise. The important thing is to find the issue as soon as possible and get it fixed before it leads to a worse issue. A vibrating pipe can be an early warning sign of a pipe that is about to burst or one that is already leaking, which is a much more expensive and time-consuming issue to fix. At MidCity Plumbers, we are experts when it comes to tracking down plumbing problems, but we can also provide you with helpful tips on how to track down the issue yourself. No matter what, our team of plumbing experts are ready to help take care of any issue with vibrating pipes, so you can enjoy safe and silent running water throughout the entire house.

Improperly Secured Pipes

One of the more common causes for vibrating pipes happens to be a loose connection to the wall. Copper pipes need to be adequately secured to wall and ceiling studs using pipe straps and clips to prevent them from banging against the wall every time water rushes through to your faucet. In some cases, this is an easy fix. You can visually inspect your pipes wherever they are exposed to determine where the impact is occurring. You can then use strapping or foam pipe wrap to secure the pipe in place and stop the pounding. In cases where the vibrating pipe is not visible, you may have to open up a wall or access panel to make repairs.

Too Much Water Pressure

We’ve probably all experienced the aggravation of low water pressure before. It can make showering a pretty unpleasant experience. While adequate water pressure is always better than low water pressure, there is such thing as too much water pressure. When your pipes run water at pressures that exceed the recommended 40-60 PSI rate, you may start to hear banging in the walls where your water lines run. This issue should not be ignored, even if you enjoy high water pressure in the shower, because eventually, this increased pressure that bangs your pipes around will cause a leak. You can test your water pressure with a test gauge from your local hardware or plumbing supply store to verify that this is the issue. If so, a plumber can equip your main water line with a pressure reducer that should take care of the problem for good.

Fast-Closing Valves

If you notice that your pipes are rattling when you turn off your faucets, this is a good indicators that you have developed a ‘water hammer’ in your supply lines. Water hammers cause a noticeable slam every time the water is shut off at the tap, and sometimes by your toilet fill valve. In the case of the toilet, you can try fixing the problem by replacing your old valve with a newer, slow fill valve that won’t cut off the water too quickly. You can also add a device known as a hammer arrestor to your pipes where you hear the slamming sound with the help of a plumber. In older homes, this sound can be caused when air chambers that are supposed to act as a cushion get filled with water. You can easily fix this issue by shutting off your main water valve and draining your water lines completely by opening each of your faucets.

For more helpful tips, or to arrange for a free estimate to assess and repair any damage to your water pipes, be sure to contact Vancouver’s plumbing experts at MidCity Plumbers today!